Coins for Sale

The following is a complete listing of the Charlotte coins that we have for sale. Some coins are highlighted; you can click on these coins to view pictures and a description about them.

Date Mint Denom. Description Service Grade Coin # Price
1840C2.5$Very rare issueNGCAU537718.53$5175
1851C2.5$Trends $11,000NGCAU587760.58$8050
1855C2.5$Very Rare Trends $14000NGCAU557775.55$10868
1860C2.5$Very rare in this grade!! Trends $30,000NGCMS617792.61$18400
1852C5$Nice luster and surfaces Trends $6500NGCAU588251.58$5175
1858C2.5$ NGCAU587787.58$5348
1860C5$ NGCAU558285.55$5175


* Due to the volativity of the market prices, we ask that you call for the quote for this item.