1860-C $2.5 NGC MS61

The 1860-C Liberty Head quarter eagle is the last issue from the Charlotte Mint and is quite popular. It is always seen weakly struck on rough planchets. Only a few coins of the date are offered for sale each year. Most of these coins are in About Uncirculated condition at best. When David Akers wrote his book on quarter eagles, he reported only one Mint State coin. Years later Doug Winter estimated three in that grade. To date, the grading services report 13 Mint State coins. The population reports make this coin seem less rare than it really is. With grade inflation and resubmissions, the true scarcity of the date can easily be underestimated. The finest-known example appears to be a lone NGC MS-63 coin that surfaced in the early 1990s.

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Price: $ 18400



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