1851-C $2.5 NGC AU58

Most of the 1851-D Liberty Head quarter eagles seen are well struck for the era, particularly for a coin from the Dahlonega Mint. The date is usually offered in grades ranging from Very Fine to Extremely Fine. The 1851-D quarter eagle is scarce in all grades, with just three to six coins offered at auction each year. About Uncirculated coins are quite rare, especially in the higher range of that grade. The Smithsonian example is a pleasing AU-55. The 1851-D quarter eagle is a true grade rarity in Mint State. Fewer than 10 surviving coins have been graded at that level. The finest known example is the stunning Duke's Creek Collection coin, which has recently been graded MS-65. The coin is a radiant gem and at one time was part of the famed Eliasberg Collection.

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