Half Eagle -> 1841-C


  • Half Eagle 1838 - 1861
  • Liberty Head 1839 - 1861
  • Diameter: 22.5 millimeters
  • Fineness: .900
  • Weight: 129 grains
  • Designer: Christian Gobrecht
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Coiner: John R. Bolton

This is one of the best struck and prepared of the early Charlotte half eagles. It is possible to locate an 1841-C with a very sharp strike, even on such details as the hair around the face and the eagle's neck feathers. The luster is above average, despite the fact that many have surfaces which are conspicuously abraded. On those pieces which have not been cleaned or dipped, the color is excellent with pleasing orange-gold hues adding to the overall eye appeal. Approximately 105-115 exist with 80% grading Extremely Fine or below. There are around two dozen survivors in the various About Uncirculated grades as well as another five or six which grade Mint State.

Condition Census

  1. Stack's Harold Bareford collection (12/78), ex Abe Kosoff "Melish" sale (4/56): 1991, Thomas Elder's Ryder collection (8/21). Mint State-64. The present location of this coin is unknown to the author.
  2. Martin Paul, ex David Akers Numismatics' John Jay Pittman sale, Part One, (10/97): 953, Sotheby's King Farouk sale (3/54): 249, Col. E.H.R. Green collection. Later graded MS-64 by NGC.
  3. Paul Dingler collection, ex Stack's 5/95: 440, Ed Milas collection, Stack's 3/90: 896, Willard Blaisdell collection, New Netherlands 47th sale (4/56): 1441, T. James Clarke collection, George Bauer. Later graded MS-62 by PCGS. The coin illustrated on this web site.
  4. New York Gold Mart (Ron Karp) inventory, ca. 1996-1997. Graded MS-62 by PCGS.
  5. Private collection, ex Elrod collection, possibly earlier ex RARCOA Auction 79: 1237. Graded MS-61 by NGC.

A group of approximately 2-4 pieces exist which grade About Uncirculated-58. These include the following:

  • North Georgia collection, graded AU-58 by NGC.
  • Private collection, ex Lee Minshull, 9/97. Graded AU-58 by NGC.
  • Heritage Rare Coin Galleries inventory, 6/97. Graded AU-58 by NGC.