Quarter Eagle -> 1844-C


  • Quarter Eagles 1838 - 1860
  • Liberty Head 1840 - 1860
  • Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
  • Fineness: .900
  • Weight: 64.5 grains
  • Designer: Christian Gobrecht
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Coiner: John R. Bolton

In the summer of 1844, the Charlotte Mint was severely damaged by a fire. It did not reopen until early in 1846. As a result, the coinage of 1844 (both quarter eagles and half eagles) saw very extensive circulation. Survivors are more likely to be found with extensive wear than nearly any other issue from this mint. The 1844-C is one of the rarest Charlotte quarter eagles in higher grades. Fewer than ten are known in About Uncirculated as well as just two Mint State pieces. The heavy wear seen on most pieces is exacerbated by the fact that this is a very poorly produced issue which tends to show very weak strikes and numerous surface problems, both mint-made and numismatically incurred.

Condition Census

  1. Paul Dingler collection, ex Elrod collection, Bowers and Ruddy Eliasberg collection (10/82): 131. Graded MS-62 by PCGS. The coin illustrated here and the plate coin in both editions of Doug Winters' book.
  2. Texas collection, ex Ivy 7/78: 897, Bowers and Ruddy Fairfield collection (10/77): 1497, Harry Lamborn. Mint State-60 or better.
  3. North Georgia collection, ex Winthrop Carner, Doug Winter. Graded AU-58 by PCGS.
  4. Private collection, ex Winthrop Carner, AUCTION USA 8/13/91: 258. About Uncirculated-58. This coin may possibly have later been graded AU-58 by NGC.
  5. New York Gold Mart (Ron Karp) inventory, ex Bowers and Merena 11/96: 1085. Graded AU-58 by PCGS.