Quarter Eagle -> 1843-C Small Date


  • Quarter Eagles 1838 - 1860
  • Liberty Head 1840 - 1860
  • Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
  • Fineness: .900
  • Weight: 64.5 grains
  • Designer: Christian Gobrecht
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Coiner: John R. Bolton

There are two significant varieties known for this year: the Small Date and the Large Date. Each is accorded a place in the Charlotte quarter eagles set. We have included photos of both varieties as well as in-depth descriptions of each. The 1843-C Small Date was the first of the two varieties struck as it has the same date and mintmark size as on the Charlotte quarter eagles dated from 1840 through 1842. The 1843-C Small Date is tied with the 1855-C as the rarest quarter eagle from this mint. Approximately a dozen About Uncirculated examples are known as well as three or four Uncirculated coins. The obverse was struck from a cracked and slightly bulged die. As a result, many 1843-C Small Date quarter eagles appear more worn than they actually are. The low mintage and great rarity of this issue make it a perennial favorite among collectors.

Condition Census

  1. The coin graded Mint State-62 by NGC. The location and pedigree of this coin are not known to the author.
  2. Paul Dingler collection, ex Superior 5/93: 2284. Graded MS-61 by PCGS. The plate coin in this book.
  3. New York Gold Mart (Ron Karp) inventory, 1995, ex Stack's 10/94: 874, James Stack. Later graded MS-61 by NGC.
  4. An example graded MS-60 by PCGS. Its location and pedigree are not known to the author.
  5. Private collection, 10/97, ex Doug Winter/Lee Minshull inventory, Elrod collection, graded AU-58 by PCGS and earlier graded the same by NGC. Very choice for the grade.

A group of three to five coins exist which grade About Uncirculated-58 or thereabouts. These include the following:

  • Bowers and Merena 1/94: 1352, graded AU-58 by NGC. This coin was at one time owned by dealers Larry Hanks and Jeff Garrett.
  • Private collection, ex Bowers and Merena 9/89: 2436, Bowers and Merena 6/89: 336, Bowers and Merena Norweb II (3/88): 1977, Farouk. AU-58.
  • North Georgia collection, ex Mid American 1992 GNA: 1611, Winthrop Carner, North Carolina collector, Doug Winter, Bowers and Ruddy 11/82 (Eliasberg collection): 125, Clapp, J.C. Mitchelson. Graded AU-55 by PCGS but an AU-58 coin in my opinion.