Quarter Eagle -> 1838-C


  • Quarter Eagles 1838 - 1860
  • Classic Head 1838 - 1839
  • Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
  • Fineness: .900
  • Weight: 64.5 grains
  • Designer: William Kneass
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Coiner: John R. Bolton

The extreme popularity of this issue stems from the fact that it is the first quarter eagle produced at the Charlotte Mint. In addition, it is one of only two quarter eagles from this mint with the mintmark on the obverse. The 1838-C is typically found with impaired luster and abraded surfaces. A few truly exceptional examples do exist; these were probably saved as first-year souvenirs. Only 80-90 are known with most grading Very Fine to Extremely Fine. Fewer than twenty About Uncirculated 1838-C quarter eagles are believed to have survived as well as another seven or eight in Mint State. This is definitely one of the most desirable coins ever produced at the Charlotte Mint.

Condition Census

  1. North Georgia collection, ex Stack's 6/94: 566, Thomas Melish collection (Abe Kosoff) 4/56: 1130. Graded Mint State-63 by PCGS.
  2. The "Gold Rush" collection via Georgia dealer Al Adams, ex New York Gold Mart (Ron Karp), Superior 2/97: 2799 ($30,800). Later graded Mint-State 63 by PCGS. It appears that this coin was salvaged, along with a group of Mint State quarter eagles, from a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina.
  3. Paul Dingler collection, ex Doug Winter/Lee Minshull (12/96), probably earlier sold as Lot 81 in Stack's 12/78 Bareford sale and before that as Lot 2020 in Max Mehl's April, 1946 Atwater sale. Graded Mint State-62 by NGC and very choice for the grade.
  4. (Tie) Superior /98: 1944, ex Lee Minshull/National Gold Exchange, Heritage 1998 FUN: 7523 ($21,850), Donald Carter collection (and) Private collection (7/97) ex Lee Minshull inventory, originally purchased 1/97. Both are graded Mint State-62 by NGC. Both are very similar in quality to example #3.
  5. Michigan collection, ex Eastern dealer, Lee Minshull, Superior 1/96: 2179 ($26,400), Winthrop Carner, Stack's 3/95: 405 ($33,000), James Stack. Graded Mint State-63 by NGC. Identifiable by a small mark on the jaw of Liberty.

Other Mint State pieces known to exist include the following:

  • Private collection, ex Elrod collection. Graded Mint State-61 by NGC.
  • An example graded MS 61 by PCGS.
  • Lee Minshull inventory, 4/98, ex Alhambra Rare Coins (Mal Varner), first seen 3/98, graded Mint State-61 by NGC.
  • Private collection, ex TNI (Casey Noxon), Paul Nugget. Graded Mint State-60 by NGC.